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Popcorn Sutton Me And My Likker Online Book Download 35l !FULL!

HI, first off great detailed instructable, I am going next to read your instructable on making a pot still...second I do live in the Appalachian Mountains of KY, (lived here all of life) MY grandpa was a moonshiner, but never told my dad of any of his 15 brothers or sisters how to make it. I heard tells of him shooting it out with the revenuers when they came to take his ole "corn liquor" away from him, ( he would tie a string around the lid and drop it down in the creek in the summer time to keep the cool water running it and to hide it, also he would remove a few boards in his meat smokehouse where he smoked all their own meats, and hide it under the floor of the smokehouse) Hell back then you have to do something to make a living to feed all your youngins. Anywho, what i am getting at is I am wanting to find ole ways to make the shine and the JD whisky recipe also, ( I have started making my own white oak charred mini barrels to age the liquor in, the smaller the barrel the less time it takes as the content is not as large anout to age) to even pass down to my children so it keeps going and NOT die with all us ole timers, I have researched and read ALOT of ways to do it like this and that and such. Yours is a very detailed way indeed, I know your recipe is not for moonshine, but its real similar, except those that do and those that don't add sugar so if so any of you old times like "HIillbilly Heritage" are reading this please chime in ( not to hijack your instructable but I am sure others want to know also) a few questions...I don't want to add the yeast like some recipes say, and again I am just researching and not made anything yet, but if its done with a good recipe as per popcorn suttin'sSutton published "Me and My Likke"r in 1999, a biography set to become a multipart series; Sutton only got to the first volume. the well-known bootlegger left behind his recipe to produce the hooch.again this is for corn liquor ( moonshine )Sutton's recipe from his book:25 pounds coarse ground white corn meal, enough to fill half of your barrel/container50 pounds of sugar - 1 pound of sugar per gallon of water of total volume1 gallon of malt - can be corn, barley, rye or a combination.Boil the water, cook in the cornmeal and allow to cool to touch. Add sugar and malt and stir in well. Leave for a day and come back. The mix should be bubbling on top, stir one last time and then leave it. OK so for question 1 , if you use a combination of corn, barley malts and rye, since the barley malts and rye will have enzymes in them to turn the corn starches into sugar themselves, why do you need the yeast? as one old timer said in a interview on making shine, "Don't add yeast" as it will give you headaces in the liquor and its not needed" and his recipe was from also passed down from generations is yeast really necessary??? Onto question 2 What is the advantages - disadvantages of using the sugar recipes, and those that like yours without sugar, to make clear liquor ( before aging it with oak, like in barrels, turning it into whisky) and the recipes to make shine that does use sugar that sill produces also clear liquor..thank you and again I am just researching and trying to learn, and I do ask lots of question and read alot and talk to the old timers here in the KY mountains trying to get a great recipe to make "shine" and also make my own JD whiskey, as JD is and was always my whisey of choice.

Popcorn Sutton Me And My Likker Online Book Download 35l


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