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Person Of Interest 3x22 =LINK=

The office receptionist Dell has a crush on Naomi, showing it by getting her coffee, bringing her home-baked chocolate cake, and frequently complimenting her. Naomi doesn't take his crush too seriously, calling him a "child". Both Sam and Dell ultimately tell Naomi their intentions to fight for her, leaving Naomi confused about her own emotions. Dell's romantic interest in Naomi is not addressed following the Season 1 finale.

Person of Interest 3x22

The owner of Pacific Wellcare Center William White (James Morrison (actor)) expresses a romantic interest in Naomi. Naomi also starts a flirtation with genetic specialist Gabriel Fife (Michael Patrick Thornton), who was recently hired at Oceanside Wellness Center. Eventually, Naomi chooses to pursue a relationship with William. William leaves for Switzerland to undergo treatment for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which he does not disclose to Naomi. When Fife tells Naomi about William's ALS diagnosis, she leaves for Switzerland to be with him. As his condition rapidly declines, William returns to Los Angeles to see his daughter one last time before his death.

Vandal Savage is meeting with the other members of the Light, through monitors, from his headquarters. Gretchen Goode is finishing explaining how Nightwing, Black Lightning, and the Motherbox slipped through her hands. Ultra-Humanite assures Gretchen that she need not worry about Halo, as he already has plans to capture her. Gretchen retorts that Ultra-Humanite is not the only one who has interest in Halo. Ultra-Humanite argues that securing Halo is his operation and, per Light-tradition, that gives him first rights to her. Gretchen turns to Savage. Savage's silence confirms Ultra-Humanite's statement. Gretchen capitulates and wonders about the Markovs.

Tara Markov is quietly walking the streets when someone ambushes her. She has an immediate flashback to the moment when Henchy kidnapped her. Using her combat skills, Tara breaks free of the person's grip. She turns around to see Deathstroke, who immediately interrogates her for not reporting everything to him about Halo and Victor Stone. He accuses her of going soft. Thinking back to her training, Tara defends herself by saying that Halo and Victor are still processing matters. Deathstroke doesn't believe her and reminds her of the pain that she endured. He assures her that he has always been straight with her and places something in her hand, telling her to take it just in case.

Jeff, Kaldur, and Bruce come out of the kitchen. Kaldur is trying to apologize to Jeff for making him feel the way that he does. Bruce states that he is not going to apologize for putting the mission first. Jeff asks what the point of the mission is if they lose themselves for it. Suddenly, there is a voice behind them. Jeff turns to see Alfred carrying Dick. Dick suggests that the person that Jeff is really mad at is him.

Per convenzione, sono catalogati tutti i personaggi, eccettuate le comparse, che compaiono in almeno due episodi della serie. Essi, inoltre, sono ordinati in base alla propria rilevanza nella trama e secondo l'ordine di apparizione stagionale.

Di seguito sono elencati gli otto protagonisti di Person of Interest. Essi sono gli unici personaggi a poter vantare una partecipazione regolare alla serie, fatta eccezione per Bear e La Macchina, i quali non sono mai accreditati in quanto non umani.

Nota bene: il personaggio di Root, negli episodi Simulazione 6 741 e Sacrificio estremo, e i personaggi di John Reese, Harold Finch e Bear, nell'episodio Simulazione 6 741, compaiono esclusivamente all'interno di simulazioni.

Di seguito sono elencati i novantacinque personaggi di supporto di Person of Interest. Essi vantano stagioni di partecipazione alla serie esclusivamente come ricorrenti o come ospiti, fatta eccezione per Samaritan, il quale non è mai accreditato in quanto non umano.

Samaritan è la nuova intelligenza artificiale sviluppata da Decima Technologies, azienda che mirava inizialmente a prendere il controllo della Macchina. Dopo l'attivazione di Samaritan, la Decima è stata smantellata e i suoi membri sono divenuti operativi della nuova IA. Oltre a questi personaggi, Samaritan ha cominciato a reclutare di sua iniziativa altre risorse, nonché a sfruttare per i propri scopi individui che ignorano l'esistenza dell'IA.

L'organizzazione nota come "Vigilance" ha lo scopo di ripristinare la privacy per i cittadini e allo stesso tempo di punire chi da la propria privacy per scontata. Questa organizzazione è composta da migliaia di persone, prevalentemente hacker. Il nome "Vigilance" è tratto da un motto di Thomas Jefferson: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". Non a caso Vigilance ha preso più volte spunto dalla rivoluzione americana: ad esempio alcuni membri di Vigilance hanno utilizzato dei nomi di alcuni ufficiali come alias.[21]Nell'ultimo episodio della terza stagione si scopre che Vigilance è stata creata da Decima per poter convincere il governo ad adottare un nuovo sistema di sorveglianza, Samaritan, e dopo che quest'ultimo va online tutti i membri di Vigilance vengo uccisi dagli agenti di Decima sulle informazioni fornitogli da Samaritan.

La Fratellanza (The Brotherhood in lingua originale) è l'organizzazione criminale che ha sostituito l'HR nel traffico di droga: il boss di tale organizzazione è Dominic, un individuo che pochi hanno conosciuto di persona.

Back in Seattle, Bailey finds Susan in the clinic. Susan has hiccups and acid reflux. The hiccups have stopped earlier, but they seem to be getting worse now. Bailey gives her chlorpromazine, which Susan thinks is a crazy person drug. It is an anti-psychotic, but it's also helpful with hiccups and if they don't stop, Susan soon will be a crazy person. Susan asks about Meredith, knowing she's really busy with the intern exam coming up. She tried to call her. Bailey doesn't reply, so Susan tells her the hiccups have stopped. Bailey says it's all due to the drug.

Sam is examining a patient who has had her fourth sports injury in three months. This time it was on the treadmill. Sam asks why she's pushing herself so hard. Kathy says she's a sexual person. Her husband hasn't slept with her for 18 months. She runs so she can devote her energy to that instead of sleeping with someone else or killing her husband. She asks if Sam would do it with her. Sam thinks she needs to see their therapist.

Pete and Sam are walking the latter's dog. They agree they need a new OB/GYN and Pete likes Addison. Sam tells him no. Addison is a decent person. Pete says he's looking for a person and at least he's trying. Sam gets recognized by two women. They love him. Pete and Sam continue walking after greeting them. Pete thinks Sam should be celebrating now that his career is taking off and women are throwing themselves at him. Sam says he just got a divorce. It's his choice to be alone. Pete wonders why he can't have Addison if Sam doesn't want her. Sam says she's a commitment woman. Pete says he doesn't sleep around. Sam agrees, but he thinks Pete is a serial monogamist. He runs when things get serious. Sam lists all the women Pete had a thing with. Pete then says he won't ask out Addison.

Cristina is surprised to find out that Burke wants a big, traditional wedding. He's a traditional man. Jane Burke comes up to tell Cristina there's another bunch of dresses they want her to see. Cristina walks off. Jane tells her son that Cristina has made quite an effort. It could not have been easy for her. Burke knows she seems disinterested in the wedding, but he assures her she's not cold. Jane trusts his instincts. 041b061a72


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