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Buddy Holly Greatest Hits Rar Do BEST

AVID Rock N Roll continues with its Four Classic Album series with a re-mastered 2CD release set from Freddy Cannon, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.“Sings Happy Shades Of Blue”; “The Explosive!”; “Freddy Cannon Favourites” and “Palisades Park” plus seven bonus tracks.A quick check over some of the tracks on our latest rock n roll release and you will see what a well-travelled fellow Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon was! After covering all “shades of blue” on our first title Freddy takes us on a journey across the US starting in Boston (My Home Town) (in fact he was born in Swampscott Massachusetts in 1936, but hey that’s artistic license for you). Next we move to Kansas City, Georgia, New Orleans (Way Down Yonder) one of his greatest hits, St. Louis, Indiana, Chatanoogie, Texas, California, Okefenoke, Carolina and of course Tallahassee (Lassie) another of his monster hits. And that’s not to forget his million seller of 1962, the classic Palisades Park, found on the classic album of the same name on CD2 of this set. A few Freddy Facts:- He holds the record for the most appearances on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand at an outrageous 110 times! His nickname “Boom Boom” comes from the loud crashing and thumping sound of his records and the fact that he never really made a sad song. They were all up tempo rockers! Freddy’s second album “The Explosive Freddy Cannon” became the first album by a Rock n Roll singer to top the UK charts in 1960, where Freddy also toured. Best of all... Freddy is still alive and going strong at 85 years of age!Technical note:- This CD will almost certainly be the first to include the correct mix of ‘Humdinger’ as released on a 7" single and on the ‘Favourites’ LP as originally issued by Top Rank in the U.K. the only CD compilations of his (that I’ve seen / listened to) have a not released at the time slightly longer version with additional orchestration in the instrumental break...Check out: - Chuck Berry (AMSC1238); Little Richard (AMSC1286); Bo Diddley (AMSC1296); The Everly Brothers (AMSC 1277), Elvis Presley (AMSC1384, 1299 & 1257); Gene Vincent (AMSC1314); Fats Domino (AMSC1272); Jerry Lee Lewis (AMSC1235); Roy Orbison (AMSC1232); Duane Eddy (AMSC1370); Buddy Holly (AMSC1217); Rockabilly Legends (AMSC1377); Rock N Roll- Classic Albums (AMSC1331). CD11-12: ‘Sings Happy Shades Of Blue’1. My Blue Heaven2. Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue3. Blue Suede Shoes4. Blue Skies5. Lavender Blue6. Blue Plate Special7. Bye Bye Blues8. Alice Blue Gown9. The House Of Blue Lights10. The Old Piano Roll Blues11. The Blacksmith Blues12. Happy Shades Of Blue13-24: ‘The Explosive!’13. Boston (My Home Town)14. Kansas City15. Sweet Georgia Brown16. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans17. St. Louis Blues18. Indiana19. Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy20. Deep In The Heart Of Texas21. California, Here I Come22. Okefenokee23. Carolina In The Morning24. Tallahassee Lassie25. Kookie Hat (Bonus Track)26. Twistin’ All Night Long (with Danny & The Juniors) (Bonus Track)CD21-12: ‘Freddy Cannon Favourites’1. Muskrat Ramble2. Jump Over3. Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It4. Fractured5. Walk To The Moon6. The Urge7. Opportunity8. Cuernavaca Choo Choo9. Two Thousand-8810. You Know11. Humdinger12. Transistor Sister13-24: ‘Palisades Park’13. Palisades Park14. Transistor Sister15. Buzz Buzz A-Diddle It16. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down17. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini18. Medley: Meet Me In St. Louis / Take Me Out To The Ballgame / In The Good Old Summertime19. Forever True20. For Me And My Gal21. Teen Queen Of The Week22. Summer’s Comin’23. Splish Splash24. June, July And August25. Wild Guy (Bonus Track)26. What’s Gonna Happen When Summer’s Done (Bonus Track)27. Broadway (Bonus Track)28. If You Were A Rock And Roll Record (Bonus Track)29. The Truth Ruth (Bonus Track)

Buddy Holly Greatest Hits Rar Do


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