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Best Buy Canada Computer Repair

Brad Anderson succeeded Richard Schulze as Best Buy CEO in July 2002.[40] Anderson had begun working at Best Buy in 1973 while attending seminary school.[40] He was promoted to vice president in 1981 and executive vice president in 1986. Anderson had most recently served as president and COO of Best Buy, a position he had held since 1991.[40] In September of that year, Best Buy opened the first Canadian Best Buy-branded store in Mississauga, Ontario.[41] In October, Best Buy acquired Minneapolis-based Geek Squad, then a 24-hour residential computer repair business with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.[40]

best buy canada computer repair

Best Buy sells consumer electronics and a variety of related merchandise, including software, video games, music, mobile phones, digital cameras, car stereos, and video cameras, in addition to home appliances (washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators), in a noncommissioned sales environment.[2] Under the Geek Squad brand, Best Buy offers computer repair, warranty service, and accidental service plans.[2] Best Buy provides an online community forum for members, where consumers can discuss product experiences, ask questions, and get answers from other members or retail product experts.[86]

Is your computer or tablet broken, or won't start? We can help. Our repair experts at Geek Squad will diagnose what's wrong and make all the necessary repairs. We can also fix hardware issues like cracked screens, broken hard drives, faulty processors, and more for the following manufacturers:

9. Geek Squad City, the repair center for repairs we could not do in-store (any repair that was not a hard drive, memory, or power supply replacement), routinely completed unsatisfactory repair work. There were times I would send off a computer 3 times for a verified issue and the unit would come back with the same issue un-repaired. The worst example I can remember was a laptop that had its screen replaced and where the webcam was supposed to be on the screen bezel was instead a screw that held the LCD together.

I bought my girl a toshiba from bestbuy (she wasnt having the mac pitch when I bought the satalite now she wishes I bought one) after about 2 months the screen stopped working (straight up stopped working, no leaking no cracks, just wouldnt work) bestbuy fixed it (After a LOT LOT LOT of greif and arguing) and they said if they didnt return it in 6 weeks they would give a new laptop in its place. it came back after 8 at which point they gave me some speal about shipping time not being included in the 6 weeks even though they shipped it to their warehouse to be repaired. last time i ever shop at bestbuy (hp has repaired my other laptop twice and they had a 4-5 business day turn around from the time they shipped me an empty pre paid fedex box to the time they shipped back to me and it was in my hands again. most amazing service ever) apple on my macbook pro wasnt too bad, 6 business day turn around because the store had to wait for a new case after the start button became unseated. so ya, bestbuy = major greif, everyone else didnt question me about problems and simply repaired as agreed in the purchased warrenty. whats the point of buying a 300 dollar warrenty if they wont honor any of the repairs??

I bought a gateway laptop from best buys about 1 1/2 years ago. I do not think I will ever by another laptop from best buys. Gateway installs trial versions of norton anti virus and mcafee anti viris. I decided to use mcafee anti virus and i uninstalled nortons. Well it messed my computer up by giving me errors, so i took it to the geek squad and they blamed me for installing it and messing it up. They argued with me for a while, and i told them i know that they dont work together, that is one of the first things you learn(I have a degree in computer repair, just didnt feel like fixing my brand new laptop my self). They finally looked it over and said that i had installed a new video driver on my computer, when i had not installed any thing on the laptop yet. So he unistalled one of the drivers and said there it will work now, and it did for a little while, but the next day i started getting lines going through my computer, it was like static or those bars you get on tv, they would just scroll across my tv. I took it back and they could not find the problem so i called gateway and they walked me through how to fix it. They had me unistall both of the virus softwares and reinstall the video driver, and it works fine now. Then i had a problem with my battery and they wanted to keep it for 3 weeks, so once again i called gateway and they sent me a replacement battery and told me just to mail back the old one. I talked to several different people at gateway and they said that best buys geek squad has no idea what they are doing.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with Best Buy. Thanks for sharing your horror story, They probably dont give a second thought to your experience with them given the volumes of customers they have, but like you said, your article will reach thousands! I have bought Dells and have no complaints with them, but now I just build my own. I personally do not buy computers from best buy, only hardware items/ software, etc.

I feel for you. Fortunately in the states, if you buy with a Visa card and are not satisfied for any reason, your card-issuing bank will give you a credit, and charge back to the merchant account the sale amount, though this can take a couple of months. I would look into an American Express card, or other consumer protecting purchasing instrument where the merchant is forced to do what they promise and you have a bank behind you. I have other friends who have faced the ridiculous 15% restocking fee best buy charges on electronic items. Some of them have resorted to stun-gunning their computers to get a DOA complete refund.

I happen to work at genco and we do all the returns for best buy/future shop in canada. The amount of acer laptops we get a day is outstanding (around 200) so I would have to say that acer sucks and to stay away from them :O

If your technical needs are small, you have an IT team, or you are a small business with tech-savvy employees, then Geek Squadmay not be your best answer. In the few cases when you cannot solve an issue on your own, you may find a local computer repair shop quicker and more cost-effective. Be sure to check out our list of top Geek Squad alternatives below.

If you are a very small operation and have the patience, time, and skill for everyday computer tasks, you may find it more cost-effective to pay the higher per-service fees on the few occasions you need more expert help, such as for repairs or more difficult problems. This pricing varies by the task.

Members will also get access to exclusive prices on things like computers, printers, TVs, and more, as well as special access to products during exclusive events. They can also get 20% off labor for repairs and advanced services and 10% off labor for custom installations.

Best Buy is an American consumer electronics retailer that has its headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. Originally, the company began in 1966, but is kept up with the changing electronics over time and is now become the place to find the latest in consumer electronics; especially those priced and marketed for middle-class households. At last count in February 2018, Best Buy employed over 125,000 people. There are various employment opportunities at Best Buy, including installer jobs, technician jobs, computer repair positions, A/V experts, store leadership, Accounts Receivable, sales associates, administrative assistants, mobile masters (particularly for Apple products), and loss prevention just to name a few.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2016 / The South Florida computer repair, and data recovery company, A Plus Computer Support, which has over 20 years of experience in the computer repair and IT industry has moved their operations and service center to a larger retail location, in order to serve the West Palm Beach community more effectively, and conveniently.

A Plus Computer Support provides tech solutions to local business and residential clients, specializing in laptop and computer repair, virus removal, advanced data recovery, cloud storage, cell phone and tablet repair.

Locally, residents have access to the more familiar retail chain stores like Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot for the same services A Plus provides. Many of these large department stores do not have the onsite facilities for some computer repairs, and data recovery, that require advanced equipment, or a clean room. This means they have to outsource these jobs to a central repair hub, or send the customer to a company like A Plus for those types of repairs. Many times, this translates into more downtime and increased cost for customers, who may already be under-the-gun, so to speak.

This move makes A Plus Computer Support the only one-stop retail provider of computer repair, cell phone repair, and advanced clean room data recovery in Palm Beach County. This means A Plus performs all repairs and recoveries locally, where the job can be completed without having to send anything out (or outsource it), to get the job done.

When asked about the driving force behind the A Plus business model, Mr. Trahan replied, "Until now, the West Palm Beach area, Palm Springs, and essentially all the surrounding communities in Palm Beach County had mostly the large retail chains for computer repair, cell phone repair, and data recovery. On the other side, they have the smaller repair shops, which often times don't have the equipment, and knowledge, to keep up with the service demands of modern technology. We've solved that problem for them!". 041b061a72


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