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Ninjapass Evolution X9 Loader Download

The NINJAPASSEVEN-X-9 is an open source firmware that can be used to update original DS models (original DS models with the original (intended) Nintendo DS loading software and with a genuine Nintendo DS - slot-2), as well as flashcarts using the Nintendo DS - slot-1. It can also be used to run special type of homebrew that have official support from the owner of the NINJAPASSEVEN-X-9. The NINJAPASSEVEN-X-9 supports the following games :

Ninjapass Evolution X9 Loader Download

The N-Card was discontinued by a disagreement between VirtualCard and Ninjapass over the N-Card's name. VirtualCard had licensed the name from Ninjapass. VirtualCard had no product development or sales experience, therefore they have no online presence. They ceased all product development, leaving the demand for N-Card to fall. The N-Card is now only sold by the official Ninjapass website.

The Revolution X9 is a second generation of the N-Card; it supports SD, microSD, Transflash and TF cards. It has very similar features to the N-Card, with a few improvements (including Wi-Fi), and some limitations that only affect microSD cards, not cards larger than a microSD. The original N-Card firmware runs on it without any changes. The N-Card can take advantage of the DS slot and be used to play DS games. It also comes with a software utility for DS gamers to use the card as a game cartridge. There is no cartridge adapter needed, unlike the DS Fire Card.

The Revolution X9 offers Wi-Fi play using the existing Wi-Fi hardware of the DS. This is both faster and more reliable than DS Download Play. The Revolution X9 can read/write CF, Secure Digital (SD), miniSD, microSD, and TransFlash memory cards. It also has an internal memory of up to 32MB that is more than enough to hold games on a microSD card. It supports up to 128MB cards. You do need a DS TransFlash loader to use the Revolution X9. There is no need to use the included software, as it runs directly in the DS.


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