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Types of Debit Cards – For Quick And Easy Access to Money, A Debit card offered by Bank For Enables your cashless transactions. You don’t need to carry hard cash. Above all, With the Debit card, you don’t need to write a cheque, no need to go to the bank to withdraw cash, you can do your shopping anywhere By holding a debit card.

According to hundreds of surveys, most individuals believe that debit cards are much better than credit cards to avoid debt and overspending.

In today’s fast-paced world, A Debit card is a need of everyone for effortless transactions. All the big or small transactions are possible by linked payment networks. There are a bunch of payment networks in the world that make our transactions faster.

Here is the list of types of debit cards in the Indian market. the debit card types depending on the types of payment platforms that are linked with.

  1. VISA Debit Cards

  2. RuPay Debit Cards

  3. MasterCard Debit Cards

  4. Visa Electron Debit Cards

  5. Maestro Debit Cards

  6. Contactless debit cards

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