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Where To Buy Seasoned Firewood

Firewood can take a very long time to properly season. Exactly how long is a matter of ongoing debate in wood-burning circles. The traditional rule of thumb is to season firewood for at least six months before the heating season; some hardwoods require at least one to two full years. The truth lies somewhere in the middle and depends on piece size, tree species and local climate.

where to buy seasoned firewood

Cutting Edge Firewood offers unmatched premium firewood that is perfect for your indoor or outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Our wood ignites incredibly easily and provides a clean burn that the whole family can enjoy.

If you are within our artisan delivery network, we offer a complimentary white glove delivery service that will stack your firewood to your specifications, allowing you more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your new ultra premium kiln dried firewood.

Indoor and outdoor fires are amazing experiences that provide endless relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you rely on firewood to warm your home or want the best fuel for your next backyard gathering, choosing high-quality kiln dried firewood can make all the difference.

All Cutting Edge Firewood is free of disease, mold, fungus, and bugs, and has been thoroughly kiln dried for maximum effectiveness. However, using improper storage methods or storing our firewood with wood from other distributors may lead to wood damage. A good piece of firewood is sturdy and clean without visible damage or missing bark. The wood should be firm to the touch and free of discoloration.

The answer to this question varies, depending on your specific woodburning goals. For example, our cherry firewood produces the least amount of heat and burn time, but the unique aroma makes it the perfect choice for a special event or gathering.

Hickory firewood burns longer than oak and is a popular choice for indoor fireplaces, while many prefer oak when burning outdoors. You can also choose extended burn firewood for an even longer burn, which is perfect for large fire pits and fireplaces or events requiring a strong flame throughout the night.

Wood burning applications call for logs, split wood, and uncut rounds, while firewood for cooking is most beneficial when cut down to small splits or wood chunks. Always choose the correct size firewood, splits, or wood chunks to fit your fireplace, wood stove, fire pit, or grill. For the best results, do not burn firewood outside of its recommended use.

Most firewood suppliers follow the cord measurement standard, which refers to a stacked pile of wood that equals about 4-by-8 feet, with each individual piece being about 4 feet long. We wanted to do more than that by creating a uniform product that burns evenly and eliminates any confusion among retailers.

Building a fire is easy if you have the right supplies. Here\u2019s what you need to do:Prepare the area:\u00a0If you\u2019re building an indoor fire, prepare your wood stove or fireplace by removing any ash or soot leftover from the previous burn and ensuring the area is clear of debris. Open up the fireplace damper and set up the protective grate. If you have a chimney, make sure a professional has cleaned and serviced it, especially if this is your first fire of the season. Doing so will ensure a clean and safe woodburning experience that everyone can enjoy without putting their health at risk..Clean your outdoor pit:\u00a0If you\u2019re burning outdoors, prepare your fire pit by clearing away any grass or debris inside the pit and creating a comfortable seating area around it. You\u2019ll also want to allow the area ample time to dry after rain, so you don\u2019t waste matches or fire starters by trying to light them in wet conditions.Gather supplies:\u00a0The most essential part of your fire is the fuel. Kiln dried firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood is the best way to ensure a bright, long-lasting fire. You also need a match and some fire starters. For best results, avoid using leaves or household paper products, which could create excess smoke. Never burn garbage or anything that could explode or release toxic chemicals, like batteries and plastics. Excellent-quality wood will help you achieve a warm glow without the need for lighter fluids or accelerants.Assemble the fire:\u00a0Build your fire by placing your wood in a criss-cross pattern known as\u00a0the \u201clog cabin\u201d method. In this technique, you lay two pieces of wood parallel and place kindling between them. Stack two parallel logs on top of them, facing the opposite direction. Add another layer if you want, then use the fire starter to ignite. For outdoor fires, ignite a small pile of starter and, as the flame grows, add kindling and firewood piece by piece in a tent shape until you have a roaring fire."}},"@type":"Question","name":"How do I light a fire?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"All Cutting Edge Firewood is easy to light, thanks to our special kiln drying process. You can usually light your fire\u00a0with a single match! To begin, choose a long match \u2014 like our\u00a0official cigar matches\u00a0\u2014 and strike it to light your\u00a0excelsior fire starter. Add pieces of kindling to feed the flame.\u00a0To make things even easier, add a\u00a0fire starter package\u00a0to your next Cutting Edge Firewood shipment. Each kit includes everything you need to start a fire in minutes, including the fire starter, kindling, and matches.To manage your fire, you\u2019ll need to stoke it regularly as needed. Add more firewood as it burns. One your fire is lit \u2014 especially if outdoors \u2014 do not leave it unattended. Remember to extinguish it\u00a0thoroughly\u00a0before leaving.","@type":"Question","name":"How should I store my firewood?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Our Delivery Artisans will gladly unload and stack your firewood in any place of your choosing. For the longevity of your firewood, make sure you store it somewhere that is:Covered:\u00a0Keep your firewood protected from rain, snow, and wind by covering it with a tarp, angled roof, or rack cover. You could also store it inside a small woodshed near your home. Doing this prevents it from being exposed to the elements and sustaining damage or absorbing moisture.Off the ground:\u00a0Always stack firewood off the ground. Otherwise, you risk pest infestation or moisture transferring from the dirt to your wood. That issue can cause wood rot or render your firewood difficult to light.\u00a0Instead, stack your wood on a raised platform or a sturdy slab made of wood or concrete.Near adequate airflow:\u00a0Adequate airflow is the best way to preserve your wood\u2019s integrity and maintain its effectiveness and aroma. Airflow will also combat any moisture that has made its way into your storage area. Make sure wherever you choose to store your lumber is well ventilated, and be sure to avoid stacking the firewood too compactly for the bottom layers to access fresh air.Away from the foundation:\u00a0Always keep firewood several feet away from the foundation of your home, preferably in a raised rack, to keep insects at bay and protect your foundation from accidental damage.When you choose high-quality indoor fireplace wood from Cutting Edge Firewood, your shipment will be more than functional \u2014 our wood also looks great when displayed in your home. If you\u2019re stacking your wood indoors, similar storage rules apply as when you store firewood outdoors. Opt for a ventilated storage area near your fireplace or wood stove for optimal comfort and convenience. Do not store wood in any areas of the home that are exceptionally moist or humid, such as directly under an air conditioner.","@type":"Question","name":"How is firewood measured?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Most firewood suppliers follow the\u00a0cord measurement standard, which refers to a stacked pile of wood that equals about 4-by-8 feet, with each individual piece being about 4 feet long. We wanted to do more than that by creating a uniform product that burns evenly and eliminates any confusion among retailers.That\u2019s why we sell all of our firewood via box and rack shipments, with specific dimensions listed online, depending on the type and size of wood you choose. By operating this way, we make it easier for you to know exactly what to expect when your firewood shipment arrives \u2014 high-quality, durable wood that burns cleanly and evenly every time."]}At Cutting Edge, we love a great fire. Wood burning fires are not only our passion, but also essential when it comes to gathering with friends, fighting off the winter chill and cooking the perfect pizza. Our unmatched Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood, unparalleled delivery service, and local firewood showroom provide you with an unequaled fire experience.

If you live where the air turns crisp and cool in fall, chances are you know the joys of gathering around a wood-burning fireplace or bonfire with friends and family. Chances are you also know that sometimes getting firewood when you need it can be a chore.

Special note: Firewood can spread insect or mildew infections if moved to a new area. Any transported firewood should be kiln-dried, and many state and national parks do not allow outside firewood to be brought in at all. Go to to find a list of restrictions where you live.

And remember, although firewood is usually sold by volume, heat production is dependent on weight. Pound for pound, all wood has approximately the same BTU content, but a cord of seasoned hardwood weighs about twice as much as the same volume of softwood. Consequently, the hardwood contains almost twice as much potential heat. So, if the wood you are buying is not all hardwood, consider offering a little less money when you purchase.

What makes our seasoned firewood so good? Most importantly, we routinely monitor the moisture content to make sure that it is below 20%. So you can rest assured that our firewood meets the industry standard for seasoned wood. Burning firewood that is at 20% moisture content or below means that you will get the most out of your wood in terms of heat. Additionally, we cut, split, stack, cover, and store our wood on pallets to ensure that all of the wood is consistently dry. We hand-sort this firewood during the stacking process which ensures that it is clean with little debris. 041b061a72


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