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Where To Buy Vollrath Cookie Sheet

To see if this still applied to today's ovens, they made two identical batches of cookies: one on their favorite cookie sheet, from Vollrath (its shorter sides boast a slightly raised lip to facilitate handling, but it has no true rims), and the other on their favorite rimmed baking pan, from Lincoln Foodservice, which features a 1-inch rim on all sides. They baked both batches successively on the same rack in the oven.

where to buy vollrath cookie sheet


How evenly the cookies baked wasn't an issue; both batches came out perfectly pale golden. However, the cookies baked on the rimless pan browned more quickly and finished baking several minutes before those on the rimmed pan. The discrepancy makes sense: Heat rises from the element at the bottom of the oven and circulates in currents to warm the entire chamber. A rimmed baking sheet's raised edges block the hot-air currents, diverting them from the cookies to the top of the oven. A rimless baking sheet allows the hot air to immediately sweep over the cookies, which means quicker baking.

Bottom line: No need to rush out and buy a rimless sheet the next time you bake cookies. Just be aware of the type of baking sheet you're using and the timing. America's Test Kitchen suggests checking on cookies a minute or two before the timer goes off, just to play it safe.

FINAL NOTE on baking sheets: America's Test Kitchen found that the flimsy jellyroll pans sold in most stores are useless. But a heavy-duty rimmed baking sheet is an unheralded workhorse every cook should own. They tested over 7 major brands of baking sheets. And here's a surprise: Of all they tested, they caution against the Wilton baking sheet. Hmmm, the wonderful cake decorating company doesn't make such a great cookie sheet - who knew! To summarize, though, here are their conclusions:

This ceramic cookie sheet is great for baking, roasting, and toasting. The warp-resistant steel construction means it will last through many holiday seasons of heavy use. It's made with a nonstick, quilted surface that's both easy to clean and great for pan stability even browning. The wide bake-pan handles also make getting it in and out of the oven easy, even with bulky mitts.

This heavy-duty sheet-pan is easy to clean and made with a nonstick coating. It works best with cookies, and its steel construction helps protect against warping, staining, breaking, or scratching. Overall, this sheet offers major value for your buck.

If you want to keep your cookie sheet clean and free from buildup, here are some tips for doing so. Cookie sheets are a useful, versatile cooking utensil for any commercial kitchen. These methods help ensure long-term success and reduce maintenance expenses. You can choose one of these methods depending on what supplies you have available at hand.

I ordered two Vollrath "cookie sheets 3 days ago that arrived today. They look fantastic almost 1/8" thick aluminum. They were graded as the Holy Grail by Cooks several yrs ago. The key to me besides performance which we will determine later, was the price. They have a MSRP off $29.50 at $14.01 ea I was willing to give it a try. I look forward to seeing how they will do w a pizza. Link below for anyone interested 041b061a72


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