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The Benefits of Taking Free Bible Correspondence Courses by Mail

FREE Bible correspondence courses offered in English or Spanish for ages 3 to 100+. BIBLE STUDIES BY MAIL is the Southwest Discipleship Training Center for Source of Light Ministries International. This ministry offers free Bible studies designed to help you grow in a personal relationship with God. Lessons are available for children, youth and adults. All the study materials are mailed to a postal address provided by the solicitor.

free bible correspondence courses by mail

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Moody Distance Learning offers four specially-designed series. Students must complete 10 specific courses to earn a series certificate. The series certificate is free at the completion of the series. These 10 courses are ideal if you want to gain proficiency in a specific area. When you complete your studies in any one course, you have the option to receive a certificate of completion. The course certificate cost is $5. For more information, please call (800) 758-6352.

Students from all over the world are currently enrolled in this Bible study. If you wish to participate in our Free Bible Courses, please send your name and full mailing address to, or sign up on the left side of this page. Be sure to provide your name and a complete address, including your country.


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