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The Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning and aforementioned Predators will each be bringing a group of developing players to the Triangle for a series of three games in four days. Contests will take place at both Invisalign Arena in Morrisville and PNC Arena in Raleigh, with all being free to attend, as well as streamed on the team's official website.

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That evening Mr Salter, foreign editor of the Beast, was summoned todinner at his chief's country seat at East Finchley. It was a highlyunwelcome invitation; Mr Salter normally worked at the office until nineo'clock. That evening he had planned a holiday at the opera; he and hiswife had been looking forward to it with keen enjoyment for some weeks.As he drove out to Lord Copper's frightful mansion he thought sadly ofthose carefree days when he had edited the Woman's Page, or, betterstill, when he had chosen the jokes for one of Lord Copper's comicweeklies. It was the policy of the Megalopolitan to keep the staff alertby constant changes of occupation. Mr Salter's ultimate ambition was totake charge of the Competitions. Meanwhile he was Foreign Editor andfound it a dog's life.

So that was it. Transportation. The sense of persecution which hadhaunted William for the last three hours took palpable and grotesqueshape before him. It was too much. Conscious of a just cause and a freesoul he rose and defied the nightmare. 'Really,' he said, in ringingtones, 'I call that a bit thick. I admit I slipped up on the greatcrested grebe, slipped up badly. As it happened it was not my fault. Icame here prepared to explain, apologize and, if need be, makereparation. You refused to listen to me. "Good God, no" you said, when Ioffered to explain. And now you calmly propose to ship me out of thecountry because of a trifling and, in my opinion, justifiable error. Whodoes Lord Copper think he is? The mind boggles at the vanity of the man.If he chooses to forget my eighteen months' devoted and unremittinglabour in his service, he is, I admit, entitled to dismiss me...'

They were alone at their table. The functionary arranged his napkinabout his open throat, tucked the lowest corner into his cummerbund andlifted a child on to either knee. It was always thus that he sat atmeals, feeding them to repletion, to surfeit, alternately, from his ownplate. He wiped his glass on the tablecloth, put ice into it, and filledit with the harsh, blue-red wine that was included free in the menu. Thelittle girl took a deep draught. 'It is excellent for their stomachs,'he explained, refilling for his son.

Various courageous Europeans in the seventies of the last century cameto Ishmaelia, or near it, furnished with suitable equipment of cuckooclocks, phonographs, opera hats, draft-treaties and flags of the nationswhich they had been obliged to leave. They came as missionaries,ambassadors, tradesmen, prospectors, natural scientists. None returned.They were eaten, every one of them; some raw, others stewed andseasoned--according to local usage and the calendar (for the better sortof Ishmaelites have been Christian for many centuries and will notpublicly eat human flesh, uncooked, in Lent, without special and costlydispensation from their bishop). Punitive expeditions suffered more harmthan they inflicted and in the nineties humane counsels prevailed. TheEuropean powers independently decided that they did not want thatprofitless piece of territory; that the one thing less desirable thanseeing a neighbour established there, was the trouble of taking itthemselves. Accordingly, by general consent, it was ruled off the mapsand its immunity guaranteed. As there was no form of government commonto the peoples thus segregated, nor tie of language, history, habit orbelief, they were called a Republic. A committee of jurists, drawn fromthe Universities, composed a constitution, providing a bicamerallegislature, proportional representation by means of the singletransferable vote, an executive removable by the President on therecommendation of both houses, an independent judicature, religiousliberty, secular education, habeas corpus, free trade, joint stockbanking, chartered corporations, and numerous other agreeable features.A pious old darky named Mr Samuel Smiles Jackson from Alabama was put inas the first President; a choice whose wisdom seemed to be confirmed byhistory for, forty years later, a Mr Rathbone Jackson held hisgrandfather's office in succession to his father Pankhurst, while thechief posts of the state were held by Messrs Garnett Jackson, ManderJackson, Huxley Jackson, his uncle and brothers, and by Mrs Athol (neeJackson) his aunt. So strong was the love which the Republic bore thefamily that General Elections were known as 'Jackson Ngomas' whereverand whenever they were held. These, by the constitution, should havebeen quinquennial, but since it was found in practice that difficulty ofcommunication rendered it impossible for the constituencies to votesimultaneously, the custom had grown up for the receiving officer andthe Jackson candidate to visit in turn such parts of the Republic aswere open to travel, and entertain the neighbouring chiefs to a six daysbanquet at their camp, after which the stupefied aborigines recordedtheir votes in the secret and solemn manner prescribed by theconstitution.

'I have to denounce the vacillation of the Government in the strongestterms,' he said. 'They fiddle while Ishmaelia burns. A spark is set tothe corner-stone of civilization which will shake its roots like achilling breath. That's what I've got to say and all I know is that Bootis safe and well and that the weather is improving...'

The SPORTS REFERENCE and STATHEAD trademarks are owned exclusively by Sports Reference LLC. Use without license or authorization is expressly prohibited. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet.

The top 16 finishers are separated by just 1.05 seconds, with 200 free champ Hwang Sunwoo grabbing the 16th and final spot ahead of Mikel Schreuders of Aruba. Also through to the semifinals: Ryan Held in fifth, Zach Apple in 10th and Kliment Kolesnikov in 15th.

Also competing in the final will be Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong as eight of the nine teams that raced in prelims qualified. Canada will be in lane seven for the final, but this team could grab gold or at least a medal with Kayla Sanchez and Katarine Savard set to join Summer McIntosh and 200 free silver medalist Rebecca Smith.


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