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Gifts To Buy Your Dad For Christmas _BEST_

Dad can turn his ordinary toilet into a fancy bidet without any fancy hookup. The DIY installation is a breeze, and the end results are wow-worthy, according to Amazon users. "Let this cheerful little, money saving, hygiene enhancing gadget change your life for the better," one said.

gifts to buy your dad for christmas

At this point, your dad probably has every gadget and gizmo he could ever want or need. But if he's always complaining about his aching neck and tired eyes, this is the gift for him. When he rests his phone against the foldable stand, it'll project videos, photos and texts onto a 12" screen.

His favorite summertime hobby can last year-round with this non-stick grill pan. That way he'll be able to serve up his finest BBQ when it's way too cold for your designated "grill master" to stand outside.

There's nothing like a lazy afternoon spent reeling in fish with pops. Get him excited about your next trip to the lake with a personalized fishing pail that can hold up to five gallons of fresh catches and doubles as a comfy seat. Throw in a gift set of lures and bait to really sweeten the pot.

No matter how old you get, you'll always be your daddy's little girl. Here, use the location and time of your birth to capture an accurate image of the sky at the exact moment that you changed his life forever.

If dad is all about the latest and greatest appliances, he'll have a field day using this high-tech toaster. It made the coveted list of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2022. Her review? "Consider this the iPhone of toasters," says Oprah. "You can use the touchscreen to select one of seven brownness levels, and special heat technology means your bread gets crispy on the outside but stays soft and moist inside. Need to throw frozen slices in there? No prob! Craving a panini? It even has an attachment for that."

These may look like regular sunglasses, but they're anything but ordinary, which is why they earned a spot on Oprah's Favorite Things for 2022. "They look like classic, streamlined Wayfarer sunglasses, but they actually connect to your phone," says Oprah. "You can listen to music or podcasts, answer calls, and even take pictures and videos."

Most patriarchs could use more stylish footwear, full stop. We think the dad on your list will love walking around in these sharp white sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger, one of our favorites from testing. These slender shoes are super soft and flexible, with suede accents that offer a sporty flair. The Onitsukas were also the most comfortable leather shoes straight out of the box, with thinner leather than that of many other sneakers, resulting in minimal break-in time.

Most waxed aprons are made from canvas, with a thick top layer of paraffin to repel water, but that makes them heavy and stiff. The Tilit Contra Chef Apron, on the other hand, is made from a thinner cotton fabric that contains a water-repelling solution. This little detail makes the Tilit Contra lighter and more comfortable than typical waxed-canvas aprons and also one of the best we tested. We think the clean lines, narrow bib, and welted pockets give this apron a neat and polished look, and we believe your dad will agree.

If your father is fascinated by how things work, Grid takes apart old cellphones, gaming consoles, and watches and fashions them into works of art, with each part labeled and arranged like a little tech map.

Instead of having a million and one picture frames everywhere, my dad loves the simplicity of having one propped on a shelf or on his desk. Add this best-selling Skylight Frame to your cart that has a stunning screen, is WiFi-enabled and allows you to share your memories with loved ones.

If greeting card companies were to be believed, the best gifts for dads would all concern race cars, golf, beer or farts. As the state of such ephemera proves, it can be a seriously tough marketplace for finding presents for your dad, whether it's for his birthday or Father's Day. Don't ask us why, but the older he gets, the harder it seems, too. Just as selecting a gift for mum that'll feel neither too old nor too young seems increasingly impossible.

Unless your dad's a celebrity on the level of Bryan Cranston, there's little to no chance he'll be starring on Hot Ones any time soon. If he's partial to a spicy wing or peppery buffalo cauliflower, that may seem like a total tragedy, but you can alleviate any FOMO by buying him this selection of Heat Supply sauces. Prepare some questions and enjoy the spice together for a truly authentic experience.

Loungewear has never been more stylish. Whether your dad lives his whole life in sweats or never strays from formalwear, he won't be able to resist this comfortable and most versatile choice from Arket. Available in no fewer than nine colours, there's something for everyone's taste, but the truly dad-friendly choice has got to be navy.

Capturing that Great British penchant for obsessing over the weather, this nifty device negates the need to keep on opening the weather app by keeping the temperature and humidity stats on show all the live long day. Using an easy-to-set-up outdoor sensor, it's also much more accurate to your immediate area than what Schafernaker reports.

Creed's Big Three aftershaves, Aventus, Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed are all jewels in a wildly oversaturated market, but it's the adventurous Aventus that most satisfies our core fragrance must-haves. Since he has such fine taste, we think your father will agree.

We know far too many people who are far too happy to take their gym towel and water bottle to their workout sessions in a bag for life. If your dad is among them, remedy the eyesore with a simple but effective gym bag from Gymshark. Functionality and good looks have never meant spending the earth.

With a new red American Vintage II guitar from Fender, your dad will discover that you have been the favourite child all along. He will remember this fact every time he picks up his majestic new instrument to play.

Every gentleman needs a sturdy umbrella, and for rainy excursions outside the golf course, the see-through option is one of our favourites because it allows for better visibility, both for your dad looking out, and those admiring his 'fits.

There's no room for scraggly old Eastpaks in a discerning dad's wardrobe. Harber London's backpacks are a much more sophisticated prospect that don't skimp on practicality. The TotePack is an especially appealing prospect thanks to its high 22L capacity, padded compartments and the option to carry it both on your back or handheld. Meanwhile, luxe full-grain leather trims give it all the refinement of an elegant briefcase.

Get your father a new hobby with that most foodie of countertop additions: the pasta maker. Not only will it keep him busy, but you might even get some good food out of it, too. As far as this machine goes, it's a pretty classic iteration that does the job and a little bit more. It's also compatible with a whole range of separately sold accessories that accommodate different pasta shapes, so you can expect to see everything from ravioli to tagliolini at family dinners through 2023.

The last few years have seen paddleboards go from niche holiday activity to a mainstay of sheds and garages around the country. Easily packed into a carry bag that can be slung over your shoulders like a backpack, Bluefin's iSUP even doubles as a kayak with a clip-on padded seat, sure to provide years of content for the family WhatsApp group.

Subscription boxes make for excellent gifts as they have a life far beyond the special occasion on which they're first presented. Our top pick for dads? Vinyl Box allows you to choose his favourite genre and receive three iconic records every month, be he into West Coast hip-hop or modern British rock. We think the 80s rewind option is your safest bet, which could sort him out with the iconic LPs of everyone from Eric Clapton and Billy Idol to Kate Bush.

Whether you're just getting your dad a little something special, like an excellent new pair of socks for under $20, or you're spoiling him with a new high-end smartwatch, you can find something he'll love.

Manduka makes sweat-wicking towels with the sort of grippy silicone-nubbed underbelly that stays put through an entire class. If your Dad is happiest in hot yoga, this is a thoughtful gift that will make every class a little better.

If you're not quite sure what kind of hot sauce your dad likes, this hot sauce sampler is a great gift idea. It features sauces made with peppers that come from India, Mexico, and beyond, and it has flavors ranging from Chipotle Pepper and Garlic Herb to Whiskey Habanero.

Even if your chocolate-loving dad is happy with whatever he can grab from the grocery store, he'll appreciate the elegance of a gift box from Vosges. Our favorite place to buy chocolate presents, Vosges has something for every sweet tooth, from Milk Chocolate Truffles to an ornate Grateful Dead Box. The Dalmore collection pairs the chocolate maker's truffles with aged Scotch whisky.

If your dad tends to frequently misplace his keys, wallet, or other valuables, help him out by gifting him a handy AirTag. The tags can be placed on just about any item and will connect to his phone so he can easily keep track of his stuff via the Find My app. For an extra personal touch, you can even get it engraved for free.

A media streaming device can transform your dad's regular TV experience into a smart one, with shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Prime Video. The best of the bunch is the Roku Ultra with its easy-to-use interface and 4K video streaming.

If your dad's not himself until he's had his morning cup, we recommend a subscription to the Atlas Coffee Club. It curates a global selection of single-origin coffee that gets freshly roasted and shipped to your house for about $9 per bag.

Give the gift of a good night's sleep with this luxurious and supportive pillow from Coop Home. It's our very favorite pillow because it's adjustable for different kinds of sleepers and has a 100-night trial. Though it's our top pick, there are other options in our pillow guide if your dad needs something a little different. 041b061a72


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