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Buy Chicken Breast Online Bangalore

Meatrick is a Bangalore based start-up supported by Babu Poultry. Meatrick aims to become a leading online platform for on-demand doorstep chicken deliveries across India. Meatrick also focuses on creating employment opportunities & helping the Indian economy. Babu Poultry is a brand that has been in the poultry business for over 40 years. The trust of their customers, along with their belief in the brand is why they want to take their offline business online. Meatrick is the only channel partner to support Babu Poultry in growing the reach and taking them to the next level.

buy chicken breast online bangalore

Meatrick accepts bulk orders, wholesale orders for chicken & eggs. You can place your orders online and even schedule orders for your hotel or any other functions at your home or for corporate get-togethers. For more details visit our Bulk order page.

At Clever Canine, we have the best chicken breast cake for dogs. With a cake, you will find a way to spoil your dogs and maybe have a chance to Buy Chicken cake for dogs India. Your furry friends will thank you; we promise! 041b061a72


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