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Download PEDOMETER Aia ((FREE))

The pedometer works very well and the battery consumption is low, if you do not kill the application through the block or with the device's task cleaner, the pedometer continues counting steps even if it is asleep.

Download PEDOMETER aia

This extension is a continuation of my first [FREE] Pedometer Sensor (not accelerometer) extension, it is a full-featured pedometer for creating a fitness app, which includes a foreground service with its corresponding notification.First of all, we are going to define what a service is in android, especially since sdk 8, the service allows the application to continue counting steps despite being closed, but android one of its main tasks is to avoid excessive battery consumption so it kills services when memory usage is compromised.To avoid this we must create a service that consumes the minimum of memory and that the bulk of the calculations is done by the activity, therefore the service only performs the following functions:

The pedometerThe extension allows the use of two types of sensors to count the steps: the accelerometer or the Sensor Detector of steps that some devices carry.for this we can use these blocks

I do not know exactly what your problem is but I am going to describe the reasons why it does not tell you stepsAll the captures are taken from the .aia file of the first message, I recommend that you download it.Indeed you have to tell the service to start, we can do it in two ways 041b061a72


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