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Dynasty WarriorsHD

As with previous games in the series, DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 is a tactical action game that follows a number of heroic characters, each of whom are fighting to gain control over ancient China. The game takes place during a time when feudal warlords fought for dominance over the final days of the Han dynasty and through the emergence of the Three Kingdoms era. More open-ended than its predecessors, this game lets you take on many thousands of soldiers from a cinematic third-person perspective, using a number of melee and range weapons -- like swords and spears -- to take down as many enemies as possible. As one of more than 80 playable characters, you'll set out to complete various objectives across a huge map, and venture out through a variety of landscapes -- from snow-covered mountains to enormous green battlefields, and with varying times of the day and dynamic weather.

Dynasty WarriorsHD



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