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To evaluate our proposed method, datasets with different number of documents for MongoDB were generated with 100k, 500k, 1000k, and 5000k records in the NoSQL database (MongoDB collections). Each dataset was generated in the JSON format for MongoDB using the Faker.js package of Node.js ( ). Faker.js provides multiple helper functions for generating meaningful data for experimentation. We build a data generator that uses various helper functions provided by Faker.js for data generation. Each helper function provided by Faker.js is able to generate a JSON object with particular set of key-value pairs. No two helper functions can generate a JSON document object containing the same keys and JSON object structure. We have used three different helper functions of Faker.js to generate records in each dataset. This ensured heterogeneity in the dataset. The datasets are generated using a data generator (Faker.js). The following different collections/databases are generated to evaluate the proposed system:(1)transaction: it contains amount, date, business, name, type, and account keys(2)userCard: it contains name, userName, e-mail, phone, website, subdocument address (street, suite, city, zipCode, and subdocument geo (longitude, latitude)), and subdocument company (name, catch phrase, and bs) keys(3)contextualCard: it contains name, userName, avatar url, e-mail, dateofbirth, phoneNumber, website url, and subdocument address (streetName, secondaryAddress, city, zipCode, and subdocument geo (latitude, longitude)), and subdocument company (company name, catch phrase, and bs) keys

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