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!LINK! Crack Swisha House Remix Contest

Holding residencies at both Rinse France and The Lot Radio, quest?onmarq is a rising star who deserves all of the attention coming their way. 2021 saw them showcase their selections at Bossa Nova Civic Club and Panorama Bar, gaining a reputation for fluid, unpredictable three-deck sets that often use their own vocals as an extra dimension. A debut EP on Jamz Supernova's label Future Bounce also arrived full of big beat Jersey house rhythms and electrifying EBM acid riffs. Holding a particular talent for the remix, quest?onmarq has given Burial's 'Archangel', Ikonika's 'Nobody', L-Vis 1990's 'Yeah Yeah' and Anastasia Kristensen's 'Volshebno Stretched' Brooklyn club makeovers. We can't wait to see what they do next.

Crack Swisha House Remix Contest

Born Ernest B. Williams Jr., at the iconic Houston based Jefferson Davis Hospital on the day of April 16, GLOC-9 is considered a neighborhood icon and lyricist. Raised on the northwest side of Houston Texas in the small urban community of Carverdale, GLOC-9 ran the streets as any other kid and had a strong passion art and music. He resided with his mother and grandparents at the time. In the early 80's tragedy struck the home life when his father who was heavily involved in the streets was stabbed 7 times while involved in a brawl at the neighborhood convenience store. During that traumatic time his fathers heart beat stopped twice but by the grace of GOD he was spared. GLOC-9's father and mother reconciled and wanted better for him than the streets where they grew up so they packed up and moved to Prairie View where they both attended the university there under a special program. After 2 and half years they returned to city on the same block where he grew up. The neighborhood was turmoil being affected by the 80's crack epidemic. Though GLOC had great childhood with loving friends and family there on the block his father still longed for better. His wife pregnant with his third child and rising crime rate surrounding his family he had to make some choices and changes. During a brief layoff he done contracting, bought and sold used cars and hustle to get his family away from the deteriorating environment. His prayers were answered when he and his wife were able to afford a plot of land in a small rural area where he was raised not far but far enough away from the streets that almost claimed his life. They purchased a small home and had it move to the property. At a young age GLOC was taught to work hard as he helped his mother and father with up keep on the land and made repairs and add-ons to there home. He was also now surrounded by a slew of cousins whom all seem to have some type of musical talent. His Grandmother sang with the very well known southern gospel group The E. Stewart Singers. Oh yes the force was strong in this one. His passion to sing landed him in a gospel singing group at around age 11. They traveled through Houston and surrounding areas singing for a couple of years but as a teen GLOC grew board with it and left the group. Hip Hop was finally introduced to GLOC officially at age 13 when he was approached at school by another 1 of his cousin named Dello. Dello was putting together a group and asked GLOC if he wanted in meet him at his house after school. GLOC went ahead just to see what was going on. He played around with writing raps but never really told anyone because it really wasn't that serious to him. But after hearing the GETO BOYZ at the meeting that day he never looked back. He had never heard of a rapper from Houston. He actually thought you had to be from California or New York to even be a rapper. GETO BOYZ inspired him and shortly after he caught wind of other rappers such as SPC, street military and 4 deep. He went through a couple of groups but because of then later landed at Houston based underground label BELTWAY 8 RECORDS. While there GLOC-9 earned his name in on the underground frontier as Beltway 8's go to guy. Whether artwork, production or lyrical compositions GLOC-9 made himself a commodity to the company hustled to make his career take shape in the rising southern underground circuit. Producing remix albums under the Beltway 8 umbrella for such labels as wreckshop, chevis, presidential and screwston got GLOC-9's name into the retail market. He later parted ways with Beltway after 3 years also leaving behind an extensive catalogue of mix-tapes and compilation albums. GLOC-9 has recently started his own label and production team. He has also has full preproduction studio and developed a roster of artist he is currently working with. The sound could be described as old school southern gangster rap with a new school lyrical twist. The production team - THE GUNMEN - create an atmosphere of southern funk but are not restrained to limitation dabbling east coast, mid-west and west coast flavor. GLOC-9 is also currently working with SWISHA HOUSE veteran BIG PIC, Dougie D from GUERILLA MAAB, Dat Boy COCKY of YOUNG PROBLEMS, MONEY GREEN, PKT & Foul Mouth among other known local artist. He is currently gearing up for 3 upcoming releases, 1 solo and 2 group albums with his group - STREET MARINEZ - under his indie label RUSHE ENTERTAINMENT. Stay tuned because the south ain't safe no more because GLOC-9 is about to chew the streets up and spit out ether.


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