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[S1E2] A High Bar

Stan: Why are you here? This place isn't right for you. Angel: I make $125 a night here, and no one touches me. Don't you want me to be safe? Stan: I get jealous. With so many men seeing you like this. Does that make you mad? Angel: Do I look like a kept woman to you? A kept woman would be in a high rise apartment in Riverdale with a refrigerator full of groceries. And a mink coat in her closet. Stan: Do you ever do things with guys here? Angel: Sweetheart, a lady never tells. And I'm not appreciating your attitude. Especially considering this is the first time I'm seeing you in three weeks. Stan: I can't stop thinking about you. At work, when I'm in bed with my wife. I drive by the piers almost every night but I get too scared to pull over. Angel: Scared of what? Stan: I don't like you in a place like this.

[S1E2] A High Bar

In Moscow, Legasov has arrived for a committee meeting, and as he reads over the dossier he was provided, he slowly (and silently) becomes concerned that they're dealing with an unprecedented catastrophe. Naturally, he's shocked when the actual meeting begins, and Scherbina reassures Mikhail Gorbachev that they're only dealing with a minor accident and a radiation level about equal to a chest x-ray, with most of the attendees being more concerned about whether or not the west knows about the accident. Gorbachev goes to adjourn the meeting, but Legasov objects, pointing out a seemingly innocuous passage about how a firefighter was severely burned by picking up a piece of "black mineral". Scherbina dismisses it as nothing of importance, but Legasov continues his objections, informing the committee that the only place such a black material would be found is in the reactor core, indicating that the core exploded, not just a hydrogen tank. Furthermore, Legasov also points out that the radiation figure is likely vastly higher than has been indicated; the 3.6 roentgen figure would be bad enough, seeing how it's actually equivalent to 400 chest x-rays, but more importantly, it's also the maximum figure that most of the plant's dosimeters can register. After briefly chiding Legasov for speaking out of turn, Gorbachev allows him to continue since he is the expert on the subject after all, and Legasov explains how cataclysmically bad the situation could be if the core actually has exploded. Gorbachev therefore dispatches Scherbina and, over his objections, Legasov to Chernobyl via helicopter. En route, Legasov gives Scherbina a brief explanation of how a nuclear reactor works.

Shortly afterwards, the helicopter lands at a military camp overseen by General Pikalov, with Bryukhanov and Fomin in attendance. Scherbina is initially prepared to give the two bureaucrats the benefit of the doubt, but their Suspiciously Specific Denials and attempts to denounce Legasov as a trouble-maker only serve to heighten his suspicions, and he tries asking them why the roof would be covered in graphite, something that should only be found in the reactor's core. Caught off-guard, Fomin unconvincingly tries to claim that what he actually saw was burnt concrete, and only succeeds in further convincing Scherbina that the two are lying. Pikalov informs them that they have just received a high-range dosimeter, and on being informed by Legasov that taking readings might be a suicide mission, volunteers to do it himself.

The Sport quattro, as it happened, was fated not to enjoy any great successes, even in its final evolution stage, the S1. Its technical features nonetheless earned a place in rallying history if only because of their extreme character. The officially quoted power output of the five-cylinder aluminium-block engine was 350 kW (476 bhp), but with the recirculating air system that kept the turbocharger turning over at a high speed, the true figure was probably in excess of 500 bhp at 8,000 rpm. With a moderately high final drive ratio, the S 1 (which weighed only 1,090 kilograms) could accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds. 041b061a72


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