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[S3E9] Stealing Fire

Severide returns to the Firehouse and tells everyone that he got married in Vegas, leaving everyone stunned and skeptical. Mills is worried about Newhouse and his off-duty activities. Casey and Dawson lets Severide's wife Brittany move in with them and Severide. Firehouse 51 receives a call of a woman in a burning flipped car and race against the clock to rescue her. Mills and Brett deal with a crackhead. Brett discovers Cruz's hidden talent. In the next call, a basement fire, Severide discovers a box of pictures of young children on the victim he rescued and realizes it is a crime scene of a pornographic ring.

[S3E9] Stealing Fire

Peter gets the chance to be on Squad again while Rice covers Severide's position with him on medical leave. Dawson gets stuck back on the ambo while Boden finds someone permanent to replace Mills. 51 responds to a call where a man is impaled on a lamppost. Kelly visits April after he hears she doesn't work at the hospital because she wants to take a break and travel the world. Casey remodels a strip club on the side, but has doubts about its owner, a former firefighter. Hermann, Otis and Cruz prepare their team for the peewee hockey championship. Kelly and April spend the night together. While still considering whether to join his mother and sister in re-opening a North Carolina restaurant left them by Mills's grandfather, Mills saves the life of a man in a car accident. Jack offers Casey the chance to build more strip clubs. Firehouse 51 has a farewell party at Molly's as Peter Mills decides to leave his friends and his firefighting career to move to North Carolina to be with is family and the restaurant. Mills says goodbye to Dawson with a kiss.

Chili is introduced as the new PIC on Ambulance 61 with a not so enthusiastic welcoming. 51 responds to an apartment fire linked to a case of rape and attempted murder. Otis notices Rice running out of the fire while everyone else was running in so he and Cruz get suspicious. Casey starts asking around for information about Jack Nesbitt, former firefighter. Dawson and Severvide look into the apartment fire for signs of arson and find an eyewitness. Members of the CPD team up with the Special Victims Unit to investigate, which has similar characteristics to cases that has eluded SVU for more than 10 years. Hermann becomes interested in Chili's new developing project. Dawson helps the landlord of the apartment fire from committing suicide because he believes he started the fire. Severide confronts Otis and Cruz about their suspicions of Rice. Casey goes looking for Jack at the back of his club and walks in on him and he is not pleased. Casey declines his offer for building new strip clubs.

On arriving to Gamma Hromi II, an away team consisting of Riker, Worf, Data, and La Forge beams down to try to find some Gatherers to communicate with. The team finds several things that the Gatherers stole, including a cheap metal alloy, noranium, Artonian lasers and a reactor that probably came from the ransacked outpost. The Gatherers aren't very particular about things they steal, apparently. Just then, the Gatherers attack. Worf yells "Ambush!" Data informs Riker that the Gatherers are firing Regalian phaser rifles, not known for being particularly powerful. "Powerful enough," Riker mutters while they continue to take fire.

While taking cover from their outmoded phasers' fire, Riker asks Data about the vaporizing temperature of noranium, and they use that information to set their phasers on setting level seven and fire on the noranium piles, creating a smokescreen, and fake beaming up to the Enterprise. The Gatherers climb down to where the team was, and suddenly Worf grabs their leader from behind, growling, "Your ambushes would be more successful if you bathed more often!", followed by the away team surrounding their ambushers, phasers trained.

However, Riker feels that Yuta is acting subserviently, which he feels is wrong. He wants Yuta to be his equal, not his slave. She, however, does not understand freedom and its emotions, let alone equality. She remarks that it has been a long time since she had been free. Riker tries to pull her into his embrace when the ship engages red alert and the ship rocks from weapons fire. Riker excuses himself and heads to the bridge while Yuta's face switches to a somber look.

Aboard the bridge, Brull informs Picard that Chorgan's ship is the one that is firing on them. Worf tries to hail the ship but gets no response. The ship rocks again from another round of fire. The captain asks Worf if they could take out his shields without doing any serious damage to his ship. Worf believes he can, and Picard prepares phasers and tries to send a threat by hail but is yet again cut off by the weapons fire. Picard figures that since Chorgan won't listen, they'll have to get his attention. He orders Worf to fire phasers and the ensuing counterattack by the Enterprise takes out Chorgan's forward shields. Chorgan sends a hail to the vessel, and immediately assumes that Brull is a turncoat, having betrayed the Gatherers.

As Yuta heads towards Chorgan, Riker beams into the conference room. A Gatherer reaches for his weapon and Riker fires his phaser quickly, knocking him down. Chorgan snarls that the Federation has laid a trap. Riker, however, orders Yuta to move away from Chorgan. Yuta acts innocent, but Riker accuses her of being with Penthor-Mul over 50 years ago. Chorgan wants to know how Riker knows of Penthor-Mul, but Riker tells him to hold still as his life is in extreme danger.

Riker fires his phaser, forcing Yuta to recoil in pain. Otherwise unaffected, she approaches again, but Riker fires a second shot at her, this time on a stronger setting. She clutches the spot where Riker shot her, watching in agony as she would fail in her vengeance for her clan. Riker sets his phaser to the maximum setting since he is unable to stun her and pleads with her by saying: "Yuta, don't do this." After one last agonized glance at Riker, Yuta makes one last lunge toward Chorgan, forcing Riker to vaporize her. Picard looks grave at the decision Riker has been forced to make, while Marouk looks stricken at the death of her trusted servant and companion. Riker holsters his phaser and turns away from the table, and a shaken Chorgan gets up, and tells Riker he is indebted to him.

"Captain, I am detecting life readings from the planet surface, as well as several small areas of thermal radiation and carbon dioxide emissions, indicative of combustion.""Campfires, Data.""Is that not what I said?"

And while all of this is happening, Bruce Wayne checks back in. He revised his will, and toward the end of the episode he pours gas all over his home (wherever he is at the moment) and sets it on fire.

Woody loses the park in a poker bet with a corrupt mayor he's recently befriended. Thanks to Todd Ford's diplomatic immunity, Woody and Ford have a good time stealing drugs, firearms and firetrucks. Meanwhile, Malloy is forced to breed with an unattractive bear to continue his species.

The ninja decided to do a tournament to decide the Green Ninja. They used the golden weapons to fight each other, but in the final round, Kai lost control of his causing a fire, but luckily Master Wu used the shurikens to put out the fire. When Jamanakai Village was attacked by the Hypnobrai, Jay was going to use his nunchucks, but Zane said not to because they were too unstable. 041b061a72


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