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Hindu Maha Samudram Pdf 26 ((NEW))

Om paarthaaya pratibodhitaam bhagavataa naaraayanenaswayam, Vyaasena grathitaam puraanamuninaa madhye mahaabhaaratam;Advaitaamritavarshineem bhagavateem ashtaadashaa dhyaayineem, Amba twaam anusandadhaami bhagavadgeete bhavadweshineem.

hindu maha samudram pdf 26

Guroon ahatwaa hi mahaanubhaavaan Shreyo bhoktum bhaikshyam apeeha loke;Hatwaarthakaamaamstu guroon ihaiva Bhunjeeya bhogaan rudhirapradigdhaan.

Amee hi twaam surasanghaah vishanti Kechid bheetaah praanjalayo grinanti;Swasteetyuktwaa maharshisiddhasanghaah Stuvanti twaam stutibhih pushkalaabhih.

Madhuvidasa ji , NASA clearly stated that it was a human made bridge as mentioned in hindu epic ramayana. They said that after scientific analysis the age if rocks is about 7000 yrs ago but ramayana happened in treta yuga about 1.7mn yrs ago. How will u explain this

Hi people my Name is Imraz and I am a muslim who live in Fiji Islands at around 700000 Indians here, I also have hindu friends and I go to ramayan puja at their places since i was young till now, All I can say is that the ramayan is true and I have been telling my friends about this too. the result is out here the RAM BRIDGE but its sad that people take the name and put their ownit should be called Ram bridge

King ravana was definitely a well learned Brahma rakshsa born to a Brahmin and the a rakshasa hisother.Becuase of his penance to lor shiva he was granted the power of deathless ness from any devas, god etc. but our Narada muni wanted the earlierest extinction to ravana and told him the boons giveby Siva are flase and he can test it by lifting the Kailash mountain. When he tried, he got the curse of lord shiva that his annihilatore will be born soon. Ravana wa one of theDwar Palakas of Lord Vishnu. He did not allow the Maharashis to visit Lord Vishnu who cuursed him to fall down to earth. Ravana wanted to go back to vaikunta early and he deliberately kidnapped Sita devi so that he will be killed directly by Lord Rama himself who is the avatar o mahavishinu

i want to write a paper which shows how our Ramayana and maha Mahabharata are related to science so please help me regarding my articlei am writing a article namehow we the science and technology related to our ancient vedic booksas a master student in electronic tele communication i am keen in interest to write a article how the communication used in earlier days.for examplenow a days we are viewing the tv but in mahabharat at the time of the war the king he will be in his place and he will watch the area of the war this is what related to the sciencei need some more suggestions from you that help me research this a student i can take some other article but i want to show the world that india vedics are related to science and technology long far .your suggestion are

I am canadian but born in england. Its big truth beleive it or not that hinduism is the oldest culture. I am student of history and telling the facts that all the religion come from hindusim.I know some people a jelous of this religion. I am also jot hindu. But cannot hide the fact.There is reason why british was sitting in india for soo long and we are only wealth only because we rule india.I think some people need third eye to understand India and hindu..

A very good point to come out with the truth. I believe in all religions. I have read Bible, Quaran and I do read my religious books.If you see teh mythologies of hindu, christen or muslim. Every one has more or less similar sort of stories of formation of earth or the saving of humans by god. I feel during the years the the situation made them separate, and no religion teaches blood shed or hatred.

hey jason or who ever u rpls have some knowlwdge abt our rich indian cultureit is not whether its hindu or christ its India and its cultureu shud pls stop tokin like this abt the hindu communitywe r not foolswe built a bridge across 2 nations wen the west had not even woken upwe invented many things tat the west claimed to have done ithey and we indians r not foolish or primitive we r way advancedtat is y westners r craving for a indian brainhey pls mind ur tongue abt india and its peopleif ur not an indian pls cock up and go to your country

I am hindu I know what this represents to all hindus.I smiled when I first saw these images.To all who believe keep the faith.Call it what they want it cannot change what it is,evidence RAMA did exist.

Why do indians keep trying to sound scientific and logical, as if to legitimize hinduism, when hinduism itself is unscientific and illogical? If you are going to use science then quote an actual scientific law, not one that you invented.

Hinduism is one of the most scientific and logical religions. Infact i feel it is more logical and scientific than most other religions. Just because you do not have the inclination to study thouroughly what hinduism is all about does not make you an expert on the matter. I try to keep myself informed of all and believe what I feel is right for me. There are things in cristianity, hinduism, islam, buddhism, jainism, shintoism which makes sense. there are somethings which dont. believe what you want to believe. beleieve what you need to believe. But rather than claiming xyz is crap, try to get a firm understanding of what makes sense and what doesnt.

Is this wat u hav been taught in your religion? be a gud christian first..then,u wont b such a barbarian critic towards time tested philosophies..god is not something to b provd..but to b experiencd..christ walkd on water..there is nothing more unscientific than tat in d whole world of religions..but,a deep study of hinduism can teach u tat, by yogic powers, wat christ did was possible! Dont think tat logic & reasoning is the ultimate measure of truth..reality is beyond all tat..may god bless u with knowledge..

Have you ever put a coconut in the water? They must be magical and created by hindu gods because they float as well. So does wood. A giant tree that weighs more than a house will also float, being much heavier than most rocks.

That idiot Jason is a stupid white-head, he does not know the fact that the number of hindus who can teach science to fools like him for decades, is much larger than the whole population of his country whatever it is.

Hey stupid jason,wat do you know about hinduism, do you know several ancient tamil writing are still existing undergroung in the vatican archieves have been pilaged from various cultures and transported to rome by order of various popes. bible is even pilaged from our vedas and the teachings of our hinduism.


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