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Great BEST Freedom Subtitles English

In an earlier post we mentioned a young French video producer who created a cartoon to explain what a liberated company is. The English subtitles are now fully integreated.

Great Freedom subtitles English

Merab is a young man whose goal is to dance with the National Georgian Ensemble. He is thrown off balance when a new dancer named Irakli joins the troupe and a romantic relationship develops between them. It was Sweden's official selection for Best International Film for the Academy Awards. The filmmaker Levan Akin is Swedish, of Georgian descent. Akin was inspired to make the movie after seeing a news story about a small group of LGBTQ activists facing a violent attack for organizing the first pride parade in Tbilisi. The dancing is exciting and culminates in a strong statement about inclusion and freedom. In Georgian, with English subtitles. 041b061a72


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