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The Ultimate Solution for Anno 2070 Multiplayer Lan Problems

Related topic: -2070-server-down/55?lang=en-US&page=3Hello Ubisoft Support,The services were working fine for a few days after the last outage, without any issues.However lately it started to become more and more unreliable again.This was also true right before the previous outage and in the end it just died.Currently it is not always possible to find and invite each other into multiplayer games.The invitation is not always displayed for the invited player, sometimes not even messages go through and sometimes the players are not even visible on the friends list in-game.The success ratio is around 1 out of every 20 attempts.An attempt includes restarting the machines, Ubisoft Connect, Steam and Anno 2070 as well.Could you please look into it?It is very frustrating, as due to our work and daily schedule we would have only a few hours to play each day and we don't really want to waste that with trying to connect.As an additional info, we literally changed nothing compared to the state when it was working without issues. Also given that sometimes it works sometimes not, this seems to be a service issue, outside of our reach.Would it be possible to set up a schedule to restart these services every now and then e.g. weekly, so it might solve these problems in case the service gets unreliable or unresponsive over time?Another solution could be to allocate more resources to them if these services are overloaded.Our network is fine.Our machines are unchanged and fine.No AV or firewall issues.Applications (Ubisoft Connect, Steam, etc.) are up to date. Other multiplayer games work as intended, without issues.Please look into this for us!Thank you very much,HPoltergeist

Anno 2070 Multiplayer Lan Crackl

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