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The Risks and Rewards of Using Site Survey By Ekahau Full Cracked Version Of Microsoft for Your Wireless Network

I recommend you create a personal hotspot on your iPhone and use it for the wireless site survey. You can use it to make remote test connections and run your network analyzer application simultaneously. (In addition to a personal hotspot, a USB-based wireless adapter is a great way to make a wireless test connection from another computer.) Once the hotspot is ready for testing, verify the SSID and join the WLAN. You can use the show network connections feature on the iPhone to display the current WLAN connection information. You can use the iPhone hotspot to make a remote test connection to the WLAN from another location and see how the router or access point looks to remote access. See Figure 7.12 for the WiFi hotspot setup steps.

Site Survey By Ekahau Full Cracked Version Of Microsoft

The Ekahau Network Profiler Suite is a key partner to Site Survey, designed to give proactive visibility into your current Wi-Fi setup. It provides data such as signal strength, packet loss, packet error rate, device status, etc., from virtually any active device and any SSID. An intuitive interface, it allows users to track and identify weaknesses on the network quickly and effectively. There are two versions of Ekahau Network Profiler Suite: Basic Edition and Pro Edition. The Basic Edition is completely free and contains free virtual access point (VAP) mode, measurement, an email report analyzer, and a mobile hotspot with a hotspot mode. Pro Edition is available for a fee and offers enhanced reporting and analysis tools, a full device compatibility matrix, an advanced hotspot model, log management and recovery tools, and more. Installation is easy and requires no software on the network device in question or any change to the client configuration.


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