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Jamie is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Power Yoga instructor and the founder of Many years ago in college, Jamie took her first yoga class as a way to break up her day full of business classes. It was love at first pose. Amazed at how it helped her to calm her thoughts and become more focused during her busy days at school, she began taking classes more frequently at her local studio. Although she started out with Inyengar classes at school, Jamie found that the Power Yoga classes she took at her yoga studio were more her style They were challenging and fast paced, requiring her to focus on her poses and breath and allowing her to forget about the rest of her day. It was in these classes that she learned the power of being in the present moment.After college, life grew more hectic and Jamie became increasingly frustrated at her inability to make it to yoga class as often as she liked. She missed her yoga and noticed how its absence was affecting her life. From this need for a more accessible yoga practice and a desire to bring yoga to other busy people everywhere, the idea for was born. With her background in music and computers, and an intense passion for yoga, she felt that she could find a way to make yoga classes more convenient and affordable for everyone. She quickly formulated a business plan and dedicated herself to creating quality portable yoga classes and bringing them to the world.Jamie hopes that through people will be able to expand their knowledge of yoga, and more importantly, will never have to miss a class again.In addition to being a certified yoga instructor, Jamie holds a B.S. from the University of Colorado in Information Systems Management. She is also a music producer and club DJ in Denver, Colorado. Jamie uses her knowledge of music, production, computers, yoga and business to bring the best in sound quality and overall excellence to her classes and the website. Jamie has high hopes for the future of her virtual studio and looks forward to reaching many millions of yogis across the globe.

jamie yoga 8

During this episode we talk to Jamie Horgan who shares how yoga transformed her life, the biggest lesson her mother taught her and how experiencing other cultures has helped her get through her fears and become more grateful. Enjoy!

At Harmony Yoga, we are proud of our incredibly talented instructors, the love they bring to their classes, their dedication to the path of yoga, and how they positively affect so many in our beach community and beyond. Each month we will be highlighting one of our teachers, so that you can learn even more about them and their life. We are kicking off our Teacher Spotlight section with Jamie Horgan, a dedicated and compassionate instructor who brings so much wisdom to her class. Read more about Jamie below.

My name is Jamie Shaw and I am enjoying being an online 2nd grade teacher! I am a proud graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. I have taught at the elementary level for 11 years and have collaborated with college students at UNC to become amazing teachers. I am a Colorado native and LOVE exploring and experiencing the beauty of Colorado with my family and friends! It also brings me joy to travel, practice yoga and learn and grow with my colleagues and scholars. I look forward to a great year of communicating, collaborating, thinking critically and creating with our scholars!

Ga-tush-ta is a form of Hatha yoga with an emphasis on the coordination of breath & movement. The style is a carefully prepared program of dynamic & fluid movements that balance all systems of the body to achieve deep physical & mental harmony.

Looking for a place that makes it easy to forget about everyday life ?You have found the perfect holiday destination to relax, yoga and surf.Pelan Pelan Bali loves to show you the unique Balinese culture, eat its traditional food and experience the beautiful Balinese pelan pelan mentality.Pelan pelan means take it easy and you'll experience that everything is more relaxed in Bali than you are used to back home.Apart from Emma, all the staffs are local people, creating a real Balinese vibe and the best Indonesian food possible.

I had high expectations as I have been studying yoga before. And I learned more in 200 hrs about Yoga, asanas and teaching than I could ever expect. Although a Yoga teacher always remains a student as well, I feel confident enough now to start teaching yoga without any previous teaching experience.

We are a team of yogis who came together to put our energy into making the world a better place by connecting you with life-changing yoga retreats, meditation retreats, wellness retreats, and yoga teacher trainings. We are all about spreading love!

My labor was quick. There were no mild contractions, no time for the yoga ball to be inflated. My water broke first and I went straight into active labor. I was five cm dilated when I got to the hospital, and 10 cm dilated a few hours later. I was in disbelief when the doctor told me it was already time to push! I firmly believe I owe a lot of that smooth delivery to the guidance and recommendations I got from the ladies at PYC.

In the last week, I took part in three yoga classes...and they all had animals in the class!!!! Each of these unique yoga experiences increased my joy and added a slightly new perspective on being in the present moment. I have received questions about the details, so I am responding and sharing some links to these Austin-area classes:

Blue Cat Cafe of Austin, Texas is a non-profit cafe where adoptable cats roam the floors, furniture, and multi-levels of cat-friendly climbing spaces. For the past year, they have offered a weekly yoga class on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:45 pm. The cats roam and stretch out around the participants--the cats even have some mini-yoga mats on which they can "practice" yoga. I was lucky to have a cat climb onto my stomach for savasana. You can find more information and buy tickets at

The Grand Valley Yoga Festival for Suicide Awareness supports community among yoga teachers, studios and yogis of all ages and abilities. By raising awareness of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga for suicide prevention, we hope to strengthen the yoga movement and culture and encourage you to practice yoga for a cause.

Join Jamie Dickenson for a 5-star yoga retreat in breath-taking Amorgos, Greece. Practice yoga with the all-star Yoga Power Team and enjoy a soothing experience of stillness and harmony amid the mind-blowing scenery of the Aegean Sea. We practice early in the morning leaving plenty of time for excursions and a chance to spend time getting to know the island and its locals.

Yoga Power LLC was founded in 2016. Owned and operated by Jamie Dickenson (E-RYT 500, YACEP), we are located in the heart of the warehouse district of hip, historic Charleston, West Virginia. We offer 75 in-studio and virtual live stream yoga classes every week in our 6,000 square foot studio. Our inspiring décor, complete with exposed wood finishes in this 115 year old warehouse, provides the backdrop for the best yoga studio experience. We have a big city look with a small town feel!

Seeking your next global adventure? Learn More about the diverse catalog of programs that True Nature offers each year. From meditating on the pristine beaches of Costa Rica--to hiking the sacred sites of Peru, from biking the rolling hills of Tuscany--to practicing yoga on the islands of Greece, True Nature offers experiences for everyone.

As more and more baby boomers are feeling the aches and pains of getting older, it becomes increasingly important that yoga teachers expand their skills sets to learn to modify their practices to meet this need. This yoga teacher training is designed for yoga teachers who wish to learn practices and techniques for working with older populations.

Senior Yoga is a safe, effective, practice of yoga designed to meet the needs of all levels of senior practitioners. Senior Yoga includes movement and postures to improve strength, balance, and joint function, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Between 2012 and 2017, the percentage of kids and adults who said they had done yoga or meditated in the last year rose significantly. About 14% of adults reported practicing both yoga and meditation in 2017, up from about 9.5% and 4%, respectively, in 2012. Meanwhile, the percentage of kids ages 4 to 17 who had done yoga in the last year increased from about 3% to 8%, and the percentage of kids who had practiced meditation rose from 0.6% to 5.4%.

But while these practices are on the rise across age groups and demographics, significant racial and gender divides still exist. In 2017, nearly 20% of women said they had done yoga in the last year, compared to about 9% of men. About 17% of white adults said they did yoga, compared to about 9% of black adults and 8% of Hispanic adults. Meanwhile, about 16% of women said they had practiced meditation, compared to nearly 12% of men. Roughly 15% of white adults said they had meditated, compared to 13.5% of black adults and almost 11% of Hispanic adults. Similar gender and racial gaps existed for kids.

The first moment Jamie started teaching, I just knew Iyengar yoga is right for me. His instruction was so shrewd, cut to the chase, and perfectly revealed yoga as a piece of art. Thanks Jamie for his wonderful teaching. 041b061a72


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