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Baat Bann Gayil: A Guide to the Movie, the Cast, and the Songs - Download Free Music Now

Download Free Baat Bann Gayil: A Guide to Enjoying Bhojpuri Music Online

Bhojpuri music is a form of Hindustani classical music that includes a broad array of performances in distinct styles, both traditional and modern. It is mainly spoken and sung in the regions of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Nepal. Bhojpuri music is known for its lively rhythms, catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and expressive vocals. It is also a rich source of cultural and historical information, as it reflects the social and political realities of the people who create and consume it.

Download Free Baat Bann Gayil


One of the most popular forms of Bhojpuri music is the film music, which accompanies the movies produced in the Bhojpuri language. These movies are often comedies, dramas, or action thrillers that feature romance, humor, violence, and social commentary. The songs from these movies are usually composed by professional musicians and sung by famous singers who have a large fan following. The songs are also used as promotional tools for the movies, as they generate buzz and attract audiences.

One such movie that has gained a lot of popularity and acclaim in recent years is Baat Bann Gayi, which was released in 2013. It is a Hindi comedy film that features Ali Fazal, Gulshan Grover, Anisa Butt, Amrita Raichand, Razak Khan, and Akshay Singh. It was directed by Shuja Ali, presented by Vibhu Agarwal, and produced by Sayed Asif Jah and Megha Agarwal. It was filmed in Mumbai and Singapore.

What is Baat Bann Gayi?

A brief introduction to the movie and its songs

Baat Bann Gayi (It's final, then!) is a movie that revolves around the theme of mistaken identities and hilarious confusions. It tells the story of Kabir (Ali Fazal), a successful author who pretends to be a geek in order to impress his girlfriend Rachna's (Anisa Butt) brother Laxmi Nivas (Gulshan Grover), who expects his brother-in-law to be intelligent. However, things get complicated when Kabir's rowdy lookalike Khoka (also played by Ali Fazal) shows up, adding to the drama. To make matters worse, Laxmi Nivas also has a lookalike named Carlos (Razak Khan), who is a notorious gangster. The movie follows the hilarious situations that arise from these mix-ups and how they are resolved.

The movie has six songs that are composed by Harpreet Singh, Ubaid Azam Azmi, A M Turaz Rana, and Priyanshu Singh. The lyrics are written by Syed Ahmed, Aabid Surti, and Rajesh Chawla. The singers are Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali, Minal Jain, Nakash Aziz, Sardaar Ali, and Amrita Raichand. The songs are of different genres, such as romantic, dance, qawwali, and comedy. The songs are as follows: - Naseeba: This is a romantic song that expresses the feelings of Kabir and Rachna for each other. It is sung by Sonu Nigam and Minal Jain. It has a soothing melody and soft vocals that create a pleasant mood. - Bhago Mohan Pyare: This is a dance song that features Khoka and his gang of goons. It is sung by Nakash Aziz and Sardaar Ali. It has a fast-paced rhythm and catchy lyrics that make it fun to listen to. - Man Tu Shudi: This is a qawwali song that showcases the talent of Javed Ali. It is sung by him and Amrita Raichand. It has a traditional style and a spiritual theme that convey the message of love and devotion. - Katto Gilehri: This is a comedy song that depicts the confusion between Laxmi Nivas and Carlos. It is sung by Razak Khan and Amrita Raichand. It has a humorous tone and a quirky tune that make it amusing to hear. - Dance Karna: This is another dance song that features all the main characters of the movie. It is sung by Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali, Minal Jain, Nakash Aziz, Sardaar Ali, and Amrita Raichand. It has a lively beat and a festive vibe that make it enjoyable to groove to. - Baat Bann Gayi: This is the title song of the movie that sums up the plot and the theme of the movie. It is sung by Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali, Minal Jain, Nakash Aziz, Sardaar Ali, and Amrita Raichand. It has a catchy chorus and a cheerful mood that make it memorable to sing along to. The cast and crew of Baat Bann Gayi

The movie has a talented cast and crew who have worked hard to make it a success. Here are some of the main members of the team:



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Anisa Butt


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