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This course is designed for an individual with no experience in forklift operation. Students will learn to operate a forklift in a safe and professional manner. This program includes classroom instruction, written evaluation, practical training and a demonstration of competency by the trainee on the forklift. Forklift operators are required to take a refresher training course (Operator & Safety Refresher) every three years for recertification. Certificates are awarded to participants who successfully complete this training. Click the link below to view the Forklift for Beginners Enrollment Guide. The Enrollment Guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a full tuition scholarship.


Upon completion of the Denver forklift certification program, operators will be able to show Denver, CO employers that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a forklift safely. ColoradoLift also offers on-site forklift training for Denver, CO businesses that want to hire forklift operators and forklift drivers. The on-site forklift training is OSHA compliant and is a convenient way for businesses to train their employees and ensure that they are properly certified.

In recent years OSHA has implemented an OSHA standard. These standards are more stringent regulations and safety requirements relating to forklift training and operation. Many companies are recognizing the significance of safety programs and appropriate training for their forklift operators. Contact ColoradoLift today to learn more about our forklift training programs and ask about our training dates.

Our professional trainers will provide you with the entire forklift certification training to be an OSHA compliant forklift operator. This is a hands-on class that includes practice on our forklift equipment. By the end of the session students should have working knowledge of forklift safety and operation. The Forklift Certification is valid for 3 years and meets OSHA regulations and Laws.

COVID-19 STATUS: Due to the hands-on nature of this training, extra precautions have been added to provide a clean and healthy training environment for student and staff. Following guidance provided by the CDC, training will include the following precautions:

With American Forklift Training Centers, INC. you can obtain your forklift certification in as little as 45 minutes. During such time, we can also submit your information to over 200 agencies, quickly increasing your chances of landing a new job, for more pay, and/or working closer to home. Moreover, these agencies are at your finger tips whenever you like, just by making a phone call to us.

Looking for a job? Want to make more money? Seeking a job closer to home? We can help you! We have partnered up with hundreds of So Cal agencies and upon receiving your forklift certification or renewing with us, we will send your information to the companies and agencies hiring in your sought area!

With our 15+ years of experience doing on-site certification and training, we have repeatedly witnessed forklift operators improperly operating forklifts; causing damage to clutches, parking brakes, and requiring unnecessary forklift repairs. Accordingly, not only do we correct forklift operators, but by doing so, we have saved companies thousands of dollars in major forklift repairs.

The Forklift Operator Certification Preparation for Construction online course from ClickSafety is a certificate-level course that focuses on the safe operation of a sit-down, counterbalanced forklift. Participants will learn the general safety rules and driver evaluations required in order to obtain a forklift certification card. Furthermore, students will learn the most up-to-date OSHA regulations and what one needs to know in order to remain safe while working with forklifts.

The Forklift Operator Certification Preparation for Construction training is a one hour and 30-minute long certificate/card-level course designed to prepare those for safe use of forklifts onsite. The training is primarily intended for the following:

Length of practical training can vary depending on the experience level of the individual and the number of lift truck certifications required.*A wallet card and wall certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this program** This program may be conducted at a Yale location near you or at your facility. Please refer to our schedule for the next available courses offered at our locations

This three-day course is designed for a person, selected by your company, to be trained on how to certify forklift operators within your own facility. The ideal candidate is someone with presentation experience and is currently a certified operator. Our program will provide that individual with the knowledge and hands-on practical experience required to effectively present the program to your operators. This program can either be held on-site at your location, or at one of our Yale Training Centeres.

This OSHA compliant course is designed for individuals needing to learn or update skills for operating a forklift. The course includes classroom instruction and supervised hands-on operation of a forklift.

Forklift Operation/Safety Certification Training Program - EYP 730This course is designed to meet OSHA standards by providing students with the safety and operational knowledge as well as the skills required to operate a forklift safely. Each participant will be required to capably operate a forklift through a course designed to demonstrate practical operational skills.

MH Equipment's professional forklift training and certification classes will help ensure your operation is OSHA-compliant. We will also work with you to improve overall operational efficiency and warehouse safety. Give us a call today to schedule a class at a location near you.

Our Train the Trainer courses are designed for individuals responsible for training other staff members how to operate powered material handling equipment. If you have a big operation, it makes sense to invest in an in-house forklift trainer. Our Train the Trainer program provides quality instruction to equip your trainers with the skills they need to implement an OSHA-compliant safety program of your own.

Along with forklift operator training, we offer certification programs for employees operating aerial lifts (scissor, boom, self-propelled, or articulated boom), skid steers, rail car movers, and other heavy equipment. Our training courses cover all aspects, from operational safety best practices to troubleshooting and maintenance.

Encourage safety awareness while saving time and money by learning how to do it right the first time. You can register individually for training or companies can sign up groups of employees so they can all learn together.

Group Registrations: Companies can sign-up multiple employees to attend forklift classes or have a special class conducted at your company facility. To get started with the registration process contact Yvonne Brown, Consultant - Apprenticeships/Employer Partnerships or call 843.574.6927.

We know the material handling industry already faces a workforce challenge, both in finding good workers and training them. Without a specific plan or coordinated effort, these problems will only get worse in the future. Safety on the Move, our industry-leading forklift operator training program, has helped employers protect their people, equipment, and materials since its introduction.

With proper operator instruction and forklift training, you will be able to maximize your lift truck operation for greater accuracy and efficiency through every shift. Plus, operators who know how to correctly use their equipment are more inclined to take care of it. There is greater productivity, less equipment damage from misuse and abuse, and less product, facility and rack damage due to improper handling practices.

All operators of industrial lift trucks must be trained and certified in the use of their equipment before being allowed to operate it as part of their job. This training has to address the specific type of equipment they will use along with the conditions and characteristics unique to their place of work. Safety on the Move can assist in satisfying regulatory and required forklift training, including OSHA.

Studies have shown that effective operator training can improve operator safety performance by up to 70 percent. This can help your company achieve better bottom-line results. Complete the form below to learn more about our forklift training programs.

Whether you're an operator, pedestrian, warehouse manager or just planning a visit to a facility full of forklifts, use these video resources to learn more about forklift safety, not just for yourself but for those who also work around you.

Crown offers forklift safety videos designed to supplement its comprehensive MoveSafe Operator Training programs available for specific forklift models. These videos can be used to help reinforce safety principles delivered via formal in-person and web-based operator training.

Pedestrian training is an important piece of a comprehensive lift truck safety program for employees and for visitors to your facilities. Crown offers comprehensive pedestrian training including two online resources you can incorporate into your own employee orientation and visitor programs.

Combine a learning management system and the streaming capability of our wide range of model-specific MoveSafe Operator Training options to empower your operators. Streaming enables them to complete training at a pace consistent with their individual knowledge and experience, allowing both operators and trainers to train more efficiently. 041b061a72


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