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Before you start the SAM registration process, we suggest reading through the HELP materials available on the SAM website. After you create your account you can register your organization. If applicable, please make a note of your CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) code and expiration date. Please note your Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number because you will need it for your application.

tweet adder registration code 90

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A country was considered free of snakebites (and associated mortality) if no literature (published or unpublished) indicated the occurrence of snakebite since 1985. A country was considered to have no mortality due to snakebites, even though snakebites have been reported, if no mortality statistics have been reported to the WHO mortality database from 1990 to date, provided that the country has a HDI 0.750 or higher and vital registration coverage of deaths 75% or higher. The most recent incidence or mortality rate that had been calculated after 1985 was assumed to be the current rate for a country. If the HDI was 0.750 or higher and coverage of vital registration of deaths was 75% or higher, the average number of deaths reported over the last 5 y to the WHO mortality database in the respective category of the ICD code was assumed to be the total number of deaths due to snakebite for the country.

The WHO mortality database was the main source of information used for estimation of the mortality due to snakebite, providing nearly 70% of the data used. The reliability of the data reported to this database by countries was assessed on the basis of two criteria: the HDI and the coverage of vital registration of deaths. Only code X20 of ICD10 was considered snakebite to minimise inclusion of deaths caused by other venomous animals. Code X20 does not differentiate between deaths due to snakes and lizards. However, lizard bites, unlike venomous snakebites, are not known to be fatal; in fact, in the last 50 y only a few cases of envenoming and no deaths have been reported as due to lizard bites. Thus, from an epidemiological point of view lizard bites are legible and have no public health implications.


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