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Leela James A Change Is Gonna Come Zipl

Your specific prognosis will be assessed and determined by your healthcare team. Doctors usually determine a prognosis by comparing with a large group of others who have had your same type of cancer and staging. General fitness and age may also be taken into account when determining a prognosis. Keep in mind that not every patient is the same in their response to treatment, and outcomes may look different among individual patients. Prognosis typically gives a general outlook after treatment, and sometimes may change as you move through your treatment plan.

Leela James A Change Is Gonna Come Zipl

Systematic change in an organization requires senior management sponsorship. Neville Isdell, former CEO of Coca-Cola Co., said that "the message has to come from the top and people will march to the tune. What matters is the clarity of the message and the leader walking the talk."

As with any change initiative, it makes sense to have DE&I objectives and targets. However, only a small minority of U.S. companies have concrete DE&I targets; 76 percent have no diversity or inclusion goals at all. And only 17 percent of S&P 500 companies report that diversity issues impact incentive pay outcomes for senior management.


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