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Hindi Movie Amit Sahni Ki List Download

Reviews applaud the music as surprisingly listenable ensemble.[9] The nifty rock arrangements of Pyar Hai Kutti Cheez (Warren Mendonsa-Sid Coutto) is its highlight, while Shivi Kashyap does a great job in the bouncy techno-pop number Aisi Hi Hoon Mein. Composed by Palash Muchhal, What the Fark is a catchy dance-floor song, and the dulcet melodies, Sargoshi and Parchhai, two variations of the same tune with Sonu Nigam, Palak Muchhal and Anirudh Bola doing their parts well. Ab Mein Kya Karoon, sung by Raghu Dixit himself, features some wonderful guitar, brass and flute with the tune depicting the fun for the movie. With Nikhil D'Souza and Shruti Pathak ably assisting on the vocals, Raghu Dixit's Waakeyi is softly romantic. The album has the highlight from Karthick Iyer, who does wonders with the astounding violin instrumental Violin Recital. Amit Sahni Ki List has a big list of composers, with the result being a surprisingly enjoyable ensemble offering something for everyone at various stages of their life.

hindi movie Amit Sahni Ki List download

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The first curiosity one feels towards the movie knowing its unusual title is that what could be this LIST made by Amit Sahni different from the earlier Bucket Lists & many more seen in several films? But sadly, the exciting mystery dies in just few minutes into the film, when Amit turns out to be nothing but another version of Mr. Yogi looking for a perfect girl with some specific qualities written in his so called list. And the moment this fact gets revealed, you feel like saying, Oh Not Again please!Frankly post Ashutosh Gowariker's big debacle & many other projects made on this identical concept, it was really strange to see that such kind of boring and routine script was approved by the makers quite ignorantly. Or probably it was done by few persons who are well aware of many popular Hollywood rom-coms made in the west but haven't seen our own Indian projects made with the similar themes in the past as it seems. Anyway in short the story of the film can be described in these indicative pointers beginning with one Mr. Yogi, his list of qualities to find in a girl, meeting a girl who has nothing out of the list but likable, beginning of a sweet relationship, entry of another gorgeous business women, a quick second affair, then break up and that too with a break up consultant, return to the original girl realizing the true love and that's it.Enacting this rotten storyline Vir Das tries to play his part of a new age Mr. Yogi as if it is something epic being made, speaking right into the camera (conversing with the audience) taking the straight clue from Kavin Spacey in HOUSE OF CARDS Series. The girls visibly prove that this one of their first projects got by chance and the actor playing Vir's close friend poses to be another Love Guru without any impact. Above all there is a pug featuring in the film too named Noni Singh and that should say a lot about the mindsets behind the project to be honest.The cinematography, background score & art direction tries to give it a young feel in a very uninteresting manner and once the secret of Amit Sahni's List is out, the film becomes a continuous drag towards the end along with many mediocre songs, which might sound OK to many youngsters as a soundtrack unrelated to the film. In short, it's really weird to see that the directors are not willing to take up some novel concepts in their films made without any big star cast. Because in reality that remains the only way, they can make their presence felt in front of the other big projects marketed so well. And since AMIT SAHNI KI LIST doesn't offer anything fresh in its content or execution, therefore you can easily give it a miss to catch up later at any channel in the coming months. But that too along with performing some kind of creative multitasking for sure, since the film seriously doesn't deserve your complete attention.


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