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Search Results For: Oak Land

When your search results are returned, please be sure to choose the correct ticket(s)/case(s) you wish to pay. Full payment is expected; partial payments are allowed only if approved by the court at the time the assessments were imposed. For payments of incorrect amounts, you will receive a credit or invoice.

Search results for: oak land


In the overall Oakland Unified test results for 2022, 35.33% of students met or exceeded the state standard in English, while 64.67% did not, a change of 2.03% from 2019. In math, 25.87% of students met or exceeded the state standard, with 74.13% not meeting it: a change of -1.13% from 2019.

Oakland County Sheriff, Marc Ferguson, has been fired after lying on the witness stand during a preliminary hearing in a drug case. Ferguson lied about opening a package containing marijuana at a Pontiac shipping company before obtaining a search warrant.

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