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Best Of Admire Kasenga

It is hard to figure out why Admire never really reached the heights his talents so obviously deserved. He was one of the best vocalists there was. In terms of instrumentation, Ngosimbi was one of the finest outfits ever. Few bands could ever play the way Ngosimbi did. The music arrangement was far superior to many of the better known bands.

Best Of Admire Kasenga

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It was not just the Chimbetu boys who launched themselves from this band. Chinyani reeled off the names, a roll call of legends: Ephraim Joe, John Chibadura, Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zakaria, System Tazvida, Mitchell Jambo, Solo Makore, Tineyi Chikupo, and, the best of them all, Leonard Dembo.

The man of the moment to bring laughter as best medicine has had interviews with Voice of America, Africa Radio Show from Canada, Nehanda Radio based in United Kingdom, BBC radio, promotion for Zimonline Radio. 041b061a72


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